Connecting to the MySQL Database Server from Node js

Javascript is also a client-side scripting language, meaning that it runs inside of the browser instead of on the server. The code is sent to the browser, which then executes the commands. This makes it easier for developers to create dynamic content as the user interacts with the page. Third, create the connect.js inside of the node-mysql folder for storing the code that connects to the MySQL database server. I dont think you can connect to SQL server from client side javascripts.

connect html to database js

In simple terms, “load data without refreshing the entire page”.

The AJAX Server Page

Then insert query used for inserting user inputs into respective column of table in database. When store any information to database we can do retrieve, update, delete or insert anything at anytime. These are just some basic examples of how to use Sequelize to read and write data in Node.js.

connect html to database js

The connect() method accepts a callback function that has the err argument which provides the detailed error if any error occurs. The page on the server called by the JavaScript above is a PHP file called “getcustomer.php”. The page on the server called by the JavaScript above is an PHP file called “getcustomer.php”. The variable $db is created and assigned as the connection string, it will be used in future steps. If there is a failure then an error message will be displayed on the page.


All the functions used for DreamFactory 2.0 REST API requests are extended in the file functions.js, and the code examples show how to use them. It is not recommended to use JavaScript clients to access databases for several reasons. connect js to html For example, it is not good practice, there are some security issues and it offers vulnerabilities issues. The end() method ensures that all remaining queries are always executed before the database connection is closed.

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